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The church may decide to retain a Worship Leader by vote of the church and designate such duties as it deems necessary. The responsibility of the Worship Leader of Hillcrest Baptist Church of Dyersburg will be to lead and oversee the music ministry and media of the church.

Qualifications: The candidate for the Worship Leader of HBCD must be a Christian and Southern Baptist. The Worship Leader of HBCD is expected to be well trained in music and vocals. The Worship Leader of HBCD will be expected to play, at a minimum, one instrument. The Worship Leader of HBCD must possess a confirmed call to vocational ministry. It is required that all Ministerial Staff have membership in HBCD after employment. See By-laws section I. Item E. for quorum definitions. (Amended 6-9-2019)

Duties: The position of Worship Leader of HBCD is a bi-vocational or part-time position consisting of 20 or more hours per week which will be scheduled with the Senior Pastor. The Worship Leader of HBCD will be responsible for the entire music and media ministry of the church. The duties of the Worship Leader of HBCD will include but not be limited to:

  • Preparation of musical worship for Sunday AM and PM services in conjunction with the Senior Pastor
  • Planning for special music for each AM service
  • Practicing weekly with the Adult choir and scheduling the Adult choir for special music during worship
  • Practicing with accompanying musicians weekly in preparation for weekly services
  • Working with volunteers to accomplish all media needs for the church (graphics livestreaming, lighting, sond maintenance, etc.)
  • Preparing special holiday musical presentations
  • Other duties as assigned

The Worship Leader of HBCD will be expected to oversee and work with the existing leaders of the following:

  • Ensemble
  • Children's music choir
  • Children's handbell choir
  • Any other additional choir or group organized by the church
  • Organization of the music library

Please submit your resume to:

Hillcrest Baptist Church

825 HIllcrest Ave.

Dyersburg, TN 38024